Corporate Wellness Programs •  InBody- Mobile Body Composition Testing • Biometric Blood Scans

Corporate Wellness Programs

Our corporate wellness programs are custom designed to meet the health goals of your employees. We work with companies to create a culture that supports these goals. Read more about our customized corporate wellness programs.

Biometric Blood Screening

Biometric Blood Screenings provide vital information for your employees. HIT on-site screening provide immediate feedback about risks for diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and other chronic conditions. These screening provide concrete measurements and motivation to move toward a healthy lifestyle. Learn more about the benefits of Biometric Testing.

InBody Composition Analysis

Our mobile InBody composition scan is cutting edge technology. InBody accurately measures of percentage of body fat, segment muscle distribution, body water balance and more.  This is a non-invasive, reliable tool for monitoring success with your health and fitness goals. Monitoring can help you understand how your diet, lifestyle and exercise regime are influencing your body composition. Learn more about Mobile Composition Analysis

At HIT, We offer innovative solutions to increase benefit offerings, improve employee health, and decrease health plan costs.  We recognize the value of health screenings as a vital part of designing a health and wellness program.  Schedule a Consultation.

HIT-Corporate-Fitness-Geek-WireHIT – Hooker Integrated Training in Geek Wire magazine‘Stay Healthy While at Work’

As a lifelong athlete and career health coach, I work with all fitness levels to achieve goals of the our wellness participants.  If you are looking to optimize your company’s performance, I will design an efficient, sustainable and integrated approach to developing loyal, happy, healthy and committed employees. HIT works with your human resources team creates a program targeted specifically to your company, your culture, and your people. We begin with Biometric health screenings and our mobile InBody Composition testing as starting points for our health programs. These screenings provide an accurate baseline analysis regarding the current health status of the entire group and help track progress and meet health goals.
Creating wellness programs that really work is my passion. To schedule consultation, contact Ja’Warren.