Health Screenings – Body Composition Testing – Corporate Wellness Programs

We have a team of health and wellness experts to implement your customized program. Our proven health and wellness solutions include:

Health & Wellness Analysis

  • InBody Mobile Body Composition Testing
    – optimum for tracking progress and targeting key areas
  • FMS Movement Screening
  • Bio-Metric Blood Scan
    – measures and tracks total cholesterol and hemoglobin A1C
  • Beep Cardiovascular Endurance Test
  • Nutritional Consultation
  • Menu Planning

Education / Seminars

  • How to Create a Healthy Meal
  • Eating for Energy
  • Optimum Health
  • 15 minute Healthy Meal (Learn and Eat)
  • Eating for Blood Type
  • Balanced Nutrition and Managed Recovery
  • Inquire for Custom Topics on Wellness

Group Classes

  • Kick Boxing
  • Boxing Bootcamp
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Circuit Training
  • Ski Conditioning
  • Running Groups
  • Core Class

Stress Management

  • 15 minute Chair Massage
  • 60 minute Massage
  • Guided Meditation Classes

HIT Comprehensive Health and Wellness Programs